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SKS Attends USACE Lessons Learned Workshop

When was the last time your organization saved $30 million dollars sharing what it knows? That may be a drop in the bucket for an effective lessons learned program like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is building.

Earlier this month, SKS continued to provide support for the USACE Knowledge Management (KM) Campaign Plan. During […]

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SKS Presents and Shares Knowledge at KMWorld

Holly Baxter recently presented a workshop at the KMWorld 2016 Conference in Washington, DC. Her workshop, entitled “Improving Internal & External Knowledge Sharing,” was attended by over 45 people. Holly also participated in a Knowledge Café, where she was the KM industry mentor and was able to share her knowledge with people seeking solutions to […]

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Dr. Holly Baxter Presenting Next Week at KMWorld 2016 in Washington, DC

Next week, Holly Baxter will be presenting a workshop at the KMWorld Conference in Washington, DC. Her workshop, entitled “Improving Internal & External Knowledge Sharing,” focuses on expert knowledge that is difficult to capture and transfer effectively, because it involves deeply embedded skills that an expert may not be consciously aware of using and may […]

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SKS Showcasing KM at the USACE Northwestern Division

In August, SKS visited the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Portland District and Northwestern Division headquarters to talk about the KM Campaign Plan and showcase the initiatives going on the region. SKS is supporting the Corps in a multiyear effort that initially developed a KM Strategy followed by a KM Campaign Plan, and we […]

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Celebrating 10 Years!

Thank you to all of our customers, employees, and partners who have helped make SKS so successful over the past decade!

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SKS Attends KM Workshop at the USACE Engineer Research and Development Center

SKS is assisting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in executing their KM Campaign Plan. Recently, Dr. Mike Prevou traveled to Vicksburg, Mississippi, to work with the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) on outlining the key components of the KM Campaign Plan, gathering lessons learned, and providing coaching on KM best practices.

Dr. […]

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SKS Helps the U.S. Army Cyber Institute to Assess Their KM Program

SKS’s Dr. Holly Baxter conducted a 4-day, hands-on coaching workshop for the U.S. Army’s Cyber Institute at West Point. This workshop focused on a basic knowledge assessment to identify performance gaps between what the Army Cyber Institute is doing now and what it should be doing as well as what it knows and what it […]

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SKS Designs Enterprise Risk Management Course for the Department of Commerce

Dr. Holly Baxter worked with the Department of Commerce to develop a 3-hour workshop on Enterprise Risk Management. The workshop relied on adult learning theory and action learning to guide students through an introduction to the topic. The workshop also included key discussion questions to tap into cognitive learning, activities to foster a better understanding […]

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SKS Conducts a Knowledge Transfer Workshop for NOAA’s Office of Coastal Management

Dr. Holly Baxter developed and conducted a 2-day workshop for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Coastal Management in April to help improve knowledge transfer between NOAA and external stakeholders. This workshop explained the theory and a methodology underpinning the concept of knowledge transfer, explained the general process of knowledge transfer, and discussed […]

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