Assessment is the cornerstone of effectively solving any problem an organization faces. Ensuring that you identify the root causes rather than the symptoms doesn’t just treat problems, it solves them.

SKS has world-class expertise in analyzing social/technical business processes against organizational objectives. We design, develop, and conduct both individual and organizational assessments ranging from needs analysis to cognitively-based training effectiveness evaluations. What gives SKS an edge over the competition is that we don’t just focus on behavioral aspects of an area, but use our expertise in Cognitive Task Analysis to understand the cognitive components of the problem. We help you not only see what has happened, but help you see why it is happening so the solutions are better tailored to solve the problem, not just the symptoms.

AdobePDFIconFor an example of one type of assessment, check out how SKS can help you identify and close knowledge and performance gaps.  

SKS has led the U.S. Army’s knowledge assessment program for the past three years. We combine the disciplines of knowledge management, Six Sigma, change management, and education to identify gaps in organizational performance and knowledge and then recommend, design, and develop practical solutions that provide immediate effects on the organization’s bottom line.

Our proven 17-step Knowledge Assessment methodology takes your organization from its current state through its envisioned future state to identify the critical knowledge activities, identify the knowledge gaps, outline the contributing factors or root causes of the gaps, define the supporting tasks required to close each gap, determine the measures of effectiveness and key performance indicators, and analyze the impact and effort of each task to help you prioritize which gaps to close first. SKS then helps you identify the strategies and approaches to close those gaps, and coaches you through developing an organizational action plan that assigns responsibilities, resources, and milestones to closing each priority gap.

As needed, SKS provides continued counsel to develop, build rapid prototypes, and then pilot and evaluate solutions locally and then across the enterprise.

This knowledge assessment process, when combined with Six Sigma process discipline and a deliberate change management approach offered only by SKS, provides quick wins while enabling lasting and sustained change.

We have experience designing, developing, and implementing:

  • Needs Assessments to understand organizational needs.
  • Gap Analyses to identify where gaps exist in a process.
  • Knowledge Assessments to identify how to build or improve knowledge management in your organization.
  • Training Needs Assessments to identify where employees are and where they need to be.
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluations to determine if your training is having an impact not only on behavior, but on cognitive skills as well.

For more information on how we can help you assess your organization, contact us.