SKS offers a variety of consulting services, workshops, and coaching sessions to help our customers achieve actionable results, with lasting and self-sustaining improvements.

  • Assessment: Assessment is the cornerstone of effectively solving any problem an organization faces. SKS has conducted over 20 organizational assessments and hundreds of individual assessments.
  • Knowledge Management: SKS takes a different approach to knowledge management. We focus on the knowledge environment required to make knowledge flow in your organization.
  • Expertise Development: Expertise is about knowledge and experience, and mastery normally takes 10-12 years to achieve.
  • Cognitive Task Analysis: This is a family of methods used to understand the cognitive challenges and skills in complex performance.
  • Advanced Blended Learning: A new and collaborative approach to Instructional Design for the 21st Century, this approach is learner-centric and leverages both formal and informal learning environments.
  • High-Performing Teams: Teams are the fundamental unit of decision-making, action, learning, and innovation in organizations today.

Our workshops and seminars are specifically tailored to your organization, and our consulting services provide experienced KM and educational practitioners, facilitators, business process improvement specialists, and team development coaches.

Our services are also available through GSA Advantage and many other Federal Government Omnibus Contracts! See our Contract Vehicles page or contact us for additional information.