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Our team can help you tackle human performance challenges in complex organizations. We provide world-class expertise in five critical areas to help you innovate, learn, decide, and act with speed and effectiveness.

Assessment: We are a leader in designing and executing knowledge assessments that focus on understanding how leadership, people, processes, and technology interact within an organization’s specific culture and structure. We are also known for our simple and elegant training assessment design that measures improvements in human performance and cognition.

Knowledge Management: We focus on the human side of knowledge management, looking at the whole Knowledge Environment. We don’t make technology. We help you develop people and processes that adapt to your organization’s culture and structure to make technology an asset, not a liability.

Expertise Development: We take an innovative approach to accelerating the expertise development cycle through our revolutionary knowledge transfer strategies, advanced blended learning methods, and team launch techniques.

Cognitive Task Analysis: We develop strategies for extracting tacit knowledge and transferring that expertise to improve learning, performance, and organizational design and development. This approach helps prevent organizational knowledge loss as people retire or leave an organization.

Actionable Research and Development: Not only is all of our work published, we also teach innovative workshops and master classes in each area, including a knowledge management certification program.


SKS personnel were instrumental in establishing the first Knowledge Management program for the U.S. Army and have built more than 100 communities of practice for over 250,000 members.

We have developed organizational strategies for over 25 different organizations that addressed the root causes of problems and aligned solutions and strategies with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Additionally, we are known for our groundbreaking work improving and measuring human cognition, developing high-performing teams, pioneering advanced blended learning environment design, capturing and transferring tacit knowledge, and setting the benchmark for communities of practice and social learning.

To back this up, we have more than 100 publications, workshops, and conference presentations documenting our work.

Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, and world aid and health organizations. 

We can help your organization, too! Contact us for more information.