Strategic Knowledge Solutions personnel are experts in improving human performance, developing expertise, helping organizations learn, and tackling the complex challenge of the human side of how you collaborate, learn on the job, and innovate. Our proven approach produces immediate benefits by applying key experiential learning and knowledge-based strategies to improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

Meet Our Team

Holly C. Baxter, Ph.D.
Holly C. Baxter, Ph.D.Chief Executive Officer
Holly Baxter is co-founder and Chief Scientist of Strategic Knowledge Solutions. She has spent more than 15 years specializing in Instructional Design, Evaluation Metrics, Organizational Development, and Training in both military and commercial environments. Her experience includes developing assessment methodologies for improving communication flow and organizational learning across countries and cultures, designing training for enhancing situational awareness in high-stakes situations, designing embedded training solutions for Soldiers, and developing evaluation metrics for cognitively-based training. Holly is a certified Knowledge Management professional and Six Sigma Black Belt. She has worked as a senior advisor and consultant for the United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Harvard Business School, and multiple Fortune 100 companies.
Mike Prevou, Ph.D.
Mike Prevou, Ph.D.President
Mike Prevou is co-founder and Chief of Knowledge Strategy and Innovation. He leads the practice areas of knowledge management (KM) and High-Performing Team development. Mike co-founded the U.S. Army’s initial KM program and remains involved in KM consultation and education. His experience includes coaching cross-boundary teams to high performance, conducting process improvement and change management workshops, conducting knowledge assessments, and implementing a variety of KM strategies and approaches. Mike is an Adjunct Professor teaching a graduate program in KM, and publishes and speaks at KM and learning events. Mike is a Master Knowledge Management Professional and certified in Lean Six Sigma design. He is the author of #SUCCESSFUL CORPORATE LEARNING tweet Book05: Everything You Need to Know about Knowledge Management in Practice in 140 Characters or Less.


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