High-Performing Teams

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Teams are the fundamental unit of decision-making, learning, and innovation in organizations today.

High-performing teams, however, do not occur by happenstance. SKS has developed a deliberate and thoughtful approach for improving performance—called Teams of Leaders—which helps teams coalesce and deliver results much faster than traditional team-building methods.

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The SKS Teams of Leaders approach develops expert-level communications and collaboration skills using a research-backed approach. Through coached, deliberate practice, we can help your teams:

  • Cultivate relationships.
  • Manage and enable conversations between people.
  • Build shared trust, purpose, confidence, and competence.
  • Produce results quickly.

Teams of Leaders is effective! It has been used to support leader-team development exercises, decision games, and judgment exercises, and it has been adopted by both the U.S. Army and the health care industry as the preferred approach for creating high-performing leader teams.

On the SKS Approach to High Performing Teams…

“During my tenure as EUCOM Commander, one of the two most significant ‘wins’ was the Command’s embrace of the Teams of Leaders [ToL] concept. Without question, ToL was and remains the enabler for a significantly higher performing staff, increased horizontal and vertical communications, and shared priorities and focus of effort.”
“The Council was fortunate to have the Teams of Leaders resources and training for our members. As a result, the Together We Can initiative is viewed as a national model. I truly believe our ‘highly functioning team’ was created and has been sustained due to the implementation of the Teams of Leaders concepts, ideals, and structure.”

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