Knowledge Management

The increase in complexity of both the environment and an organization’s internal workings, combined with the speed of information, the pressure for innovation and adaptability, and the scarcity of attention, makes knowledge central to any organization’s success today. Knowledge is the capacity for effective action. It is a key component for a learning organization and essential to win the learning competition and meet business objectives.

Knowledge Management (KM) should be a deliberate and continuous strategy to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, helping people share and put information into action in ways that improve individual and organizational performance. SKS can help your organization manage the knowledge environment of People, Processes, Technology, Content, Structure, Culture, and Knowledge Leadership to create an integrated knowledge environment and enable knowledge flow.

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Effective KM requires a framework to effectively plan, identify, generate, acquire, organize, integrate, transfer, and assess the benefits of knowledge that provide strategic advantage to an organization. SKS can help you create and link your organizational knowledge strategy to your business objectives and goals.

Through our proven knowledge assessment process and cognitive task analysis methodologies, we can help your organization identify performance gaps and develop strategies to close the knowledge gap.

Helping your organization understand what it knows, which drives what you do, allows you to effectively create strategies to develop the knowledge and skills to be successful. SKS has performed over 30 knowledge assessments for large and small organizations and has helped develop knowledge strategies, create and improve business processes, improve collaboration and communications across the workforce, and build higher performing teams.

SKS understands how people interact with each other and with systems and specializes in developing full-spectrum knowledge solutions that strengthen and maximize these connections, helping to capture and transfer both tacit and explicit knowledge in synchronous and asynchronous environments. We start by assessing a client’s knowledge needs, and then design, implement, and evaluate knowledge-based solutions that address current business challenges and improve the customer’s competitive advantage now and into the future.

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