March 2013—SKS has been selected to train the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Reserve on Knowledge Assessment. Dr. Holly Baxter, Dr. Mike Prevou, and Mike Hower will go to Kansas City to present training to the USMC KM core team on how to conduct knowledge assessments. This core team was selected by HQ USMC Reserve to build a new KM program and connect Marines from all over the country into an effective knowledge network. This will be follow-on training to the initial KM training SKS conducted in the Fall.

This is one of the first courses offered through the new SKS Academy, launched in Spring 2012.

About SKS

SKS is a consulting firm focused on expertise development, organizational learning, and knowledge management practices and application. Our proven learning approaches produce immediate benefits by applying key experiential learning and knowledge-based strategies to improve individual, team, and organizational learning and performance.