SKS is proud to announce that two papers co-authored by Dr. Mike Prevou  and Dr. Holly Baxter have been accepted for the 2014 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education (I/ITSEC) conference in Orlando, FL.

Developing the Human Dimension: Current Practices and Future Methods (with Dr. Laurie Waisel) focuses on achieve improved learning outcomes using an adult learning model that emphasizes Critical Moment Strategy and experiential learning as described in Army Learning Model (ALM) 2015.  The results — an Experiential Learning Model that addresses addresses different learning styles and turns traditional classroom methodologies upside down!

Lessons Learned Integrating Mobile Technology into Two Army Courses (with Dr. Greg Goodwin, Dr. Heather Wolters, Dr. Holly Baxter, Linda McGurn, and Mike  Hower) reports on the results of using mobile devices in two Army courses, and finds that while mobile technologies have the potential to benefit students and instructors, neither the magnitude nor the type of benefit is easy to predict.  A new strategy for developing mobile training applications is proposed.

Join Team SKS at I/ITSEC 2014 as we explore the human side of knowledge management, organizational learning, and expertise development!

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