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The Strategic Knowledge Solutions approach is different—we focus on the human side of learning and knowledge management. Our proven approach produces immediate benefits by applying key experiential learning and knowledge-based strategies to your problems.

How do we do it?

SKS consultants employ a new and exciting kind of knowledge architecture strategy, one that has evolved in elite companies and military organizations to provide increased competitive advantage.

We first assess your knowledge management and learning environment. Only after this is complete do we develop tailored blueprints for people-focused and technology-enabled knowledge solutions. If needed, we can also help you orchestrate or choreograph the implementation.

Our approach helps link knowledge management to your fundamental business strategy and business processes to help your organization operate more effectively, increase productive collaboration, and increase shared vision, trust, relationships, and competency. We focus on the entire Knowledge Environment, managing it to make knowledge flow throughout your organization. We can help you see the gaps between what you know and do now, and the future knowledge and skills required for what you must know and do to be successful.

We have helped over three dozen organizations improve the way they collaborate, practice knowledge management, capture and share their knowledge, and learn.

We can help you, too. Contact us to discuss onsite or virtual consulting options to increase your competitive advantage.