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Strategic Knowledge Solutions personnel are experts in improving human performance, developing expertise, helping organizations learn, and tackling the complex challenge of the human side of how you collaborate, learn on the job, and innovate. Our proven learning approaches produce immediate benefits by applying key experiential learning and knowledge-based strategies to improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

SKS personnel were instrumental in establishing the first Knowledge Management program for the U.S. Army and helped build a network of communities of practice with over 250,000 members. We have helped develop organizational strategies for over 25 different organizations that addressed the root causes of problems and aligned solutions and strategies with the organization’s goals and objectives. Additionally, we are known for our groundbreaking work improving and measuring human cognition, developing high-performing teams, pioneering advanced blended learning environment design, capturing and transferring tacit knowledge, and setting the benchmark for communities of practice and social learning. To back this up, we have more than 100 publications, workshops, and conference presentations documenting our work. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, and world aid and health organizations.We provide Consulting Services, Education & Training Programs, and Onsite Program Support.

We have offices in Leavenworth, Kansas and Dayton, Ohio.

We are the experts in knowledge management and organizational learning! We can help you…

  • Align KM and learning strategies to achieve business objectives.
  • Manage the corporate Knowledge Environment to improve knowledge flow.
  • Improve decisions by making critical information more visible and accessible.
  • Save time and reduce the start-up costs for new initiatives.
  • Connect workforces through Communities of Practice and Communities of Purpose.
  • Improve collaboration, sharing, and innovation.
  • Launch and sustain high-performing project teams.
  • Identify and share knowledge, experience, and expertise across your organization.
  • Manage content.
  • Rapidly develop judgment and expertise in new employees.
  • Capture the knowledge and experiences of transitioning workers in a useful and meaningful way.
  • Prevent organizational knowledge loss by capturing tacit knowledge.

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